Das Buch Als ich mit Hitler Schnapskirschen aß der Autorin und Musikerin Manja Präkels erschien 2017 im Verbrecherverlag Berlin. Ora it has been published in the Italian translation da Voland Edizioni a Roma. Quando mangiavo ciliege sotto spirito con Hitler. Der Roman handelt von Mimi, Oliver, den anderen und die Zeit der Wende in einem Ort in Brandenburg.

Ich las am 13.2.2024 la voce Italiana für Manja Präkels at Villa Massimo Roma in the context of the exhibition and presentation Wann kommt das Raumschiff? Quando arriva l’astronave?. Melisa Liebenthal, Paul Spengemann, Manja Präkels sind Stipendiat:innen in der Villa Baldi/Villa Massimo.

Villa Massimo: Präkels describes the social upheavals of the system change and the right-wing extremist violence that spread during these years and which the protagonist experiences first-hand. Thanks to her novel, which won the German Youth Literature Award, she has started to visit schools a lot to discuss the topic of right-wing extremism with young people, both from a historical perspective and in the context of the new rise of violence and power from the right. Writing poetry also led the author to songwriting and singing. She develops songs and performs on stage with her band Der Singende Tresen. In Olevano (Casa Baldi), she is currently working on a form of sequel to the novel from a Berlin perspective.

The fellowship at the German Academy Rome Villa Massimo is one of the most important awards the German State offers to artists abroad.

Manja Präkels, Sibylle Ciarloni
Bild: Villa Massimo

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